This blog is a focussed experiment. I wanted to test my ability to publish and produce a taut multi-media blog on something. I attended TAM7 in July. It struck me as the perfect 4-day crash course. The "course" didn't go as well as I hoped, but I learned a lot. I'm continuting to update as I have the opportunity to - eventually I'll have covered the entirety of my experience at the conference.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Pair of Highlights - SGU Live Taping / Watson & Rodriguez Wedding

I mentioned this earlier. I don't want to post any extended clips that I videoed as it was clearly stated that any recordoing was to be for personal use only. So here's the link from the USTREAM broadcast of the event.

It's the Saturday Morning Skeptics Guide to the Universe taping. It begins with Jay's ghost hunting parody movie, and then Rebecca Watson being ambushed in the Q & A session at about the 25 minute mark. If you watch from the end of Jay's movie at around 19 minutes you can get a better sense of how oblivious she is.

This was one of the most surreal things I have ever witnessed.

At the "Skepchick Party" / reception I got my invite signed.

Oh and... this ws also kind of a big 'in' joke as when Rebecca first joined the show she was hounded with marriage proposals and was teased about it for years

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