This blog is a focussed experiment. I wanted to test my ability to publish and produce a taut multi-media blog on something. I attended TAM7 in July. It struck me as the perfect 4-day crash course. The "course" didn't go as well as I hoped, but I learned a lot. I'm continuting to update as I have the opportunity to - eventually I'll have covered the entirety of my experience at the conference.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cool News...

Brian Brushwood has done interviews on two of the major skeptical podcasts in the past week. I've been watching his podcast - Scam School - for months now. I enjoy trying to figure out the puzzles myself (and usually fail). I try to learn all the card tricks... I'm lousy at card tricks, but I can (and do) carry a deck of cards with me all the time, 'cause you never know when a card trick will come in handy.
And his trick from episode one - The Human Chimney - is awesome and blows people away all the time... well, except Jodie - who saw right through it.
Really I'm mostly saving up tricks to show Kaz - my niece.

Anyhow... on both the podcasts (Skeptics' Guide... & Skepticality) Brian was hemming and hawing about whether he was going to TAM. Today I saw a re-tweet... he has booked it. He'll be at TAM. Yay!

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