This blog is a focussed experiment. I wanted to test my ability to publish and produce a taut multi-media blog on something. I attended TAM7 in July. It struck me as the perfect 4-day crash course. The "course" didn't go as well as I hoped, but I learned a lot. I'm continuting to update as I have the opportunity to - eventually I'll have covered the entirety of my experience at the conference.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Platform for Experimentation

In ten days time I'll be leaving Vancouver for Vegas to attend TAM7 - a.k.a. The Amazing Meeting.

Over the past few years, like many people, I have accumulated a metric fuck-ton of media devices. Well... perhaps 'fuck-ton' is an exaggeration. The fact is that I can carry everything relatively comfortably in a small backpack. In theory I could operate as a one man crew to do a variety of low-rent multi-media diarizing (is that a word?) on you name it.

I have yet to try this for a couple of reasons. For starters I've been busy as heck producing a feature film, The Beast of Bottomless Lake, but that is another story... although it DOES intersect a bit. But at least as important is the fact that previously I've really only considered the possibility of doing such a thing in the abstract.

Anyhow, I figure that my trip to TAM is an excellent opportunity to test out the capabilities. I've also never tried blogging with wordpress, so I'll add that to the mix. (EDIT June 30th, 14:02 - Yeah well... that part didn't last. All of 16 hours later I'm back on Blogger and WAY happier. What the hell is the big deal with Wordpress? Embedding video was a pain and audio was a complete disaster. Even exporting back here seemed deliberately troublesome. Ridiculous.)

So, we'll see how this goes. I expect that I'll fall crazy behind and spend weeks 'catching up'. But it is my intention to post a schwack-load of pictures, audio and video as well as my own musings from the TAM weekend.

It's going to be pretty exhausting I expect, but it'll be fun too, and hopefully when all is said and done it'll be an interesting resource (or at least a fun read) for someone other than myself. Who knows, maybe before I'm done I'll have decided to give this blog a lifespan that extends far beyond the time it takes to tell the tale of TAM7.

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